my Testimony



 greetings to you our Lord Jesus Christ .

MY NAME IS   ARJUN VISHWAKARMA  i am working  for JESUS CHRIST  in Burari  village  new Delhi 110084  { INDIA } I belong to Darjeeling in West Bengal. I used to belong to a Hindu family. That time I was in very bad company. I used to mock Christian believers and talk very bad about Pastors and thus spoke against them. But because my mother used to pray for me regularly. My heart steadily changed, I heard the good news of JESUS in 1996. then slowly I started going to church. My faith started increasing. Still I did not fully believe in Jesus. Then one day on 2ND October 1996 early morning around four o’clock I had a vision of this worlds end and the coming of Jesus. I saw this vision for around one hour continuously. At the end of this vision Jesus said “ I am the truth, way & Life, come to me and I shall give you peace”. I can not explain this full vision in details here because it is very long. I shared that vision with my pastor. My pastor told me that this vision was Gods informing me That I was being called for serving the Ministry. But I did not take this all seriously. But in 1999 one day suddenly God opened the way for me to go to Bible College. Thus I completed my Bible course of three years at Dehradun Bible College. When I returned from there to Delhi, Then God given me burdened  spacial Nepal     I used to be sent as missionary to Nepal, Bhutan, Kolkata, MP, Meghalya. During six months period I traveled by foot and spread the Good News in thirty five villages and Six Districts that time no any beady with me .I am ALONE but Jesus grace is with me. T heat   time.       Then I returned to Delhi   . but god’s plan is def rant in my life . on the morning of 10th,November,2007 i again got a vision asking me to start new church ministry in buriari village Delhi . but i could not collect the for this ,because in my family had my wife Arhadna and my six month old son Aditay  . i  to-hat if  i am start this new church ministry than how will help my family ?  keeping all these in view ,i was unable to decide to go for new ministry in village .but the same vision that i got on 10th November 2007  my wife also got the same vision. thus almost four tomes i saw this vision .in the last vision   i was tlod by God ” I make the impossible possible .if for forty years i could feed more than forty lake Israelite, Can i not feed you three “ that time I have  music  instituted.    but one day  steadily my chest burst and I started spitting a lost of Blood.

     Doctors said that I would not live for more than two days.


 but I start  pray with tear in hospital  Because doctors say I   suffer { M.D.R. TB.}ause I know Avery thing will fail this world but graces is never be fail .

         that time I have 6 month old my son.  

  If  I will day than how will car my family?

  ” I say Dear God please luck  my tear lessen my prayer and hill me. because you only my hope , faith and way.

       just you give me again new Life. and I promise I will do your ministry. I s meted my this life your hands you   just use me .And asking God to give me one opportunity so that I could fulfil the  vision I had . 

After my pray God gave me the vision saying ” I have kept many people behind you to pray for you and my Grace is on you,and I have a Big plan for you.” 

these three things God told me in the vision .

the next day the Doctor came Thus I came home .

praise God..   

Then I start  new independent  church   ministry  in only  by Faith. Burari village . Delhi .

when I start  this church ministry that time only 3 member  ,

I ,my wife and my son.  but we are pray continued with fasting . I say LORD  help us and full fill you vision .

After 3 months  church members is increase.

now by God grease We gave no spas  in church  room because worship time church is full .

by God grease we are couplet 4 years this independent  church ministry.

this 4 year ministry time  we are lorn many tinges from God and god given us BIG – Big   Testimony  our life.

” if we are faith full with God any time , than God also faith full with us Any time.”

    with Love with prayer your brother in Christ

pastor { light of life prayer centre fellowship } 

pastor Arjun vishwakarma .   

         glory to God….. 



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